Department of Automation

The Department of Automation was established after merging the departments of Process Management and Control Technologies. Currently, the Department employs 21 teachers focusing on the following areas of research: automation and control, robotics, process modelling and optimization, intelligent control systems, biotechnological process desing, optimization and management.

Lecturers of the department coordinate the bachelor’s degree study programs of Automation and Control, Robotics and the master’s degree study program in Control Technology.


Experiments and research are carried out in robotics, automatic control, transport automation, industrial automation, supervisory control and management systems, performance systems, controllers, electric actuators, electrical drive automation, intelligent control system elements, biotechnological processes modelling and control, and industrial process control laboratories.


Elvyra Grigaliūnienė
Academic Assistant

Studentų st. 48-320, Kaunas
Phone: +370 (37) 30 02 91
Email: elvyra.grigaliuniene@ktu.ltl



Assoc Prof Dr Gintaras Dervinis

Head of Department

Studentų g. 48-320, Kaunas
phone: +370 (37) 300 290


Name / Surname Adress Phone Email
Vytautas Galvanauskas Studentų st. 50-162, Kaunas
Donatas Levišauskas Studentų st. 50-153, Kaunas +370 (37) 30 02 61
 Rimvydas Simutis Studentų st. 50-154, Kaunas  +370 (68) 23 36 96

Associate Professors

Name / Surname Adress Phone Email
Leonas Balaševičius Studentų st. 48-324, Kaunas +370 (61) 53 19 69
Virginijus Baranauskas Studentų st. 48-318, Kaunas
Kęstutis Brazauskas Studentų st. 50-156, Kaunas
Vytautas Gargasas Studentų st. 48-220, Kaunas
Andrius Knyš Studentų st. 48-209, Kaunas +370 (37) 45 43 29
Arūnas Lipnickas Studentų st. 48-109, Kaunas +370 (65) 22 49 32
Kastytis Ratkevičius

Studentų st. 65-108, Kaunas;

Studentų st. 48-325A, Kaunas
Vidas Raudonis Studentų st. 48-325A, Kaunas
Tomas Tekorius Studentų st. 50-162, Kaunas +370 (37) 30 02 61
Renaldas Urniežius Studentų st. 48-318, Kaunas
Vygandas Vaitkus Studentų  st. 50 -156, Kaunas


Name / Surname Adress Phone Email
Darius Ezerskis Studentų st. 48, Kaunas +370 (61) 53 19 69
Kęstas Rimkus Studentų st. 48-111, Kaunas
Gintautas Narvydas Studentų st. 48-111, Kaunas
Jolanta Repšytė Studentų st. 50-163, Kaunas
Gytis Petrauskas

Centre of Laboratories (FEEE)

Name / Surname Position Adress Phone Email
Bražėnas Juozas Technician
Motiejūnas Vitas Technician
Tubelis Faustas Head of Office of Laboratories Studentų st. 48-314, Kaunas
Černys Petras Algimantas Senior Laboratory Assistant

Other staff

Name / Surname Position Adress Phone Email
Dimšienė Ieva Project Laboratory Assistant
Survyla Arnas Project Laboratory Assistant
Survyla Arnas Project Laboratory Assistant