There are 4 research groups working at the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The Faculty’s researchers actively cooperate with business and industry developing innovative and useful solutions, and proposing improvement opportunities.


Research groups

Reseach group Senior Researcher
Measurement Technologies Prof Dr Darius Gailius
Interactive Electronic Systems Prof Dr Dangirutis Navikas
Computational Intelligence Prof Dr Antanas Verikas
Smart Automatic Control Systems Assoc Prof Dr Vidas Raudonis

KTU Open Access Centre

Technological solutions developed by scientists and researchers of our Faculty assist in solving problems and meeting the challenges of business and industry clients.

The R&D collaboration includes all stages of activity: from completing simple orders to first testing of prototypes and joint R&D projects of national and international importance.

All the services provided by the Faculty and the equipment available for rent you will find on KTU Open Access Centre.


Research projects

International projects

  • Education Course of Digital TV Technologies for Vocational Educational Schools (2014–2015, Prof Dr Vytautas Deksnys)
  • FW7 project CLAFIS–Crop, Livestock and Forests Integrated System for Intelligent Automation (2013–2016, Prof Dr Vytautas Deksnys)
  • Feasibility Study for Optimising Demand in Residential Developments with High Density Photovoltaic Arrays (2013–2015, Assoc Prof Dr Brian Azzopardi)
  • Robotic Arm for Disabled People (2013–2015, Prof Dr Rimvydas Simutis)
  • Development of Heat Slope Monitoring System (2013, Prof Dr Vytautas Deksnys)
  • Intelligent Critical Infrastructure Systems Monitoring, Control and Protection (2013, Prof Dr Adas Gelžinis)
  • Usage of Multimedia and Interactive Television Tools to Increase the Efficiency of the Teaching Process (2012–2014, Prof Dr Vytautas Deksnys)
  • Cross-border Cooperation programme
    “Smart Metering” (2012, Prof Dr Vytautas Deksnys)
  • Researchers’ Night 2012 (2012, Prof Dr Arūnas Lipnickas)
  • Two-Dimensional Robot Navigation in Uncertain and Changing Environment (2011, Prof Dr Arūnas Lipnickas)
  • Researchers’ Night (2011, Prof Dr Arūnas Lipnickas)
  • Researchers’ Night 2010 (2010, Prof Dr Arūnas Lipnickas)
  • Research and Development of the Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation and 3D Localisation Methods (2010, Prof Dr Rimvydas Simutis)
  • Creation of Ultrasonic Sensor System to Determine the Change in the Density of the Ceramic Tile in the Manufacturing Process (NOVAPRESS) (2009, Prof Dr Vytautas Deksnys)

National projects

  • Creation of the Algorithm for Evaluation of EUR-Pallets Defects (2014–2015, Gintautas Narvydas)
  • Analysis of Online Press Sales Challenges and Opportunities, and New Platform Prototype (2014, Assoc Prof Dr Gediminas Činčikas)
  • Prototype of Visual Material Compliance with Geolocation Coordinates Using Mobile Devices (2014, Assoc Prof Dr Gediminas Činčikas)
  • Feasibility Study of Connecting Renewable Energy Source Power plants to 330–110 kV power transmission network by 2030 (2014, Assoc Prof Dr Audrius Jonaitis)
  • Research and Development of an Algorithm of Human Eye Concentration Map (2014, Assoc Prof Dr Vidas Raudonis)
  • Research and Development of Spread Spectrum Pulsar for Ultrasound Excitation (2014, Prof Dr Linas Svilainis)
  • Analysis of Dipped Navigation System (2014, Prof Dr Linas Svilainis)
  • SAET–Smart Acoustic Emission Transducer (2013–2015, Prof Dr Darius Gailius)
  • Safe Remote Control of Infusion (2013–2015, prof. dr. Markevičius Vytautas)
  • Research and Development of Advanced Control Systems for Biotechnological Processes (2013–2015, Prof Dr Rimvydas Simutis)
  • Execution of High Level International Research in Acoustic Voice Signal Automatic Parameterisation, Analysis and Classification Methods Through Foreign Scientific and Educational Institutions and the Development of Competencies of Researchers and Other Staff (2013–2015, Prof Dr Antanas Verikas)
  • Developing a Multifunctional NFC e-Services System for Mobile Phones (2013–2014, Assoc Prof Dr Saulius Japertas)
  • The Latest Generation Audio-visual Content Transmission System (2013–2014, Assoc Prof Dr Saulius Japertas)
  • Research and Development of Technologies for Sleeper Wood Bioremediation (2013–2014, Prof Dr Donatas Levišauskas)
  • Creation of Intelligent Mechatronic Technology Solutions and Efficiency of Production Processes and Products which Help to Preserve the Environment: from Materials to the Tool (In-Smart) (2013–2014, Prof Vytautas Ostaševičius)
  • Realisation of Optimal Design of the Fiber-Optic Network (2013–2014, Assoc Prof Dr Paulius Tervydis)
  • Creation of Tabled Based Billing E-Cash and Discounts Vouchers Terminal Prototype (2013, Assoc Prof Dr Činčikas Gediminas)
  • NFC Micro-payments Optimisation Module for Lithuanian Schools (2013, Assoc Prof Dr Gediminas Činčikas)
  • Real-Time Digital TV Audience Measurement Software Module (2013, Assoc Prof Dr Gediminas Činčikas)
  • Functional Model of School Canteens Network of Business Process Management and Billing Contactless Cards (2013, Assoc Prof Dr Gediminas Činčikas)
  • Accounting and Billing System for Music Track Users in Public Broadcasting (2013, Prof Dr Vytautas Deksnys)
  • Creating a Laser Processing Machine Controller (2013, Prof Dr Vytautas Deksnys)
  • Automated Control System for O3 and O4 Vehicle Air Brake Systems Testing in Accordance with UN ECE Regulation No. 13 Requirements (2013, Prof Dr Vytautas Deksnys)
  • LED Lamps’ Parameter Measurements (2013, Prof Dr Vytautas Dumbrava)
  • Metrology Laboratory Testing and Quality Management Document Management System (2013, Assoc Prof Dr Vytautas Knyva)
  • Universal Electric Vehicles Control Board Design (2013, Prof Dr Vytautas Markevičius)
  • Creation of Hardware and Software for Monitoring Railway Wagons (2013, Prof Dr Vytautas Markevičius)
  • Innovative LED Luminaire Photometric Measurements (2013, Prof Dr Vytautas Markevičius)
  • Identification of EUR-Pallets and their Coordinates Fixation in a 3D Environment in Order to Adapt for Robotic Systems (2013, Gintautas Narvydas)
  • Feasibility Study of Intelligent and Non-Embedded Systems for Driver Classification According to Driving Style (2013, Prof Dr Rimvydas Simutis)
  • Adapting LED Technology for Leisure Fishing Gear (2013, Prof Dr Linas Svilainis)
  • Creation of Electronic System Prototype for Tank Leak Detection with Ultrasound (2013, Prof Dr Linas Svilainis)
  • Implementation of Innovations in Horizontal Directional Drilling Device Control (2013, Assoc Prof Dr Paulius Tervydis)
  • Research and Development of Computerised Dental Information Systems with Root Canal Length Meter (ODONTOLOGAS) (2013, Prof Dr Juozapas Arvydas Virbalis)
  • Design and Analysis of the Flow Controller (2012–2014, Prof Dr Linas Svilainis)
  • Research of Invasive Species’ Adaptation Mechanisms by Means of Synthesis of New Methods (IANUS) (2012–2014, Prof Dr Antanas Verikas)
  • Eye Power (2012–2013, Assoc Prof Dr Vidas Raudonis)
  • Wireless Temperature Sensor Network (2012, Prof Dr Vytautas Markevičius)
  • Electronic Gauge for Ground Moisture Measurement (2012, Prof Dr Vytautas Markevičius)
  • Piling Process Control Device (2012, Prof Dr Vytautas Markevičius)
  • The Hybrid Technology of Voice Recognition Interface (INFOBALSAS) (2012, Assoc Prof Dr Kastytis Ratkevičius)
  • Service Planning and Optimisation Software as a Service (2012, Prof Dr Rimvydas Simutis)
  • Research on Non-Invasive Monitoring Technology for Intracranial Blood Volume Changes (2011, Gediminas Daubaris)
  • Research of Ceramic Blocks Composition Influence on Combustion Greenhouse Emissions (2011, Assoc Prof Dr Dalia Nizevčienė)
  • Automated Method for Identification and Quantifying Alien Species of Phytoplankton (AUTOFITOMET) (AUTOFITOMET) (2011, Prof Dr Antanas Verikas)
  • Functional-Computer Models of Biological Structures of Peripheral Auditory System (2011, Prof Dr Antanas Verikas)
  • Energy-Saving and Psychophysically Fit Solid-State Street Lighting (2010, Assoc Prof Dr Alfonsas Vaškys)

Institutional projects

  • Innovative Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Care System (2014–2015, Assoc Prof Dr Rūta Jankūnienė)
  • Innovative Fiber-Optic Network Installation Control System (2014–2015, Assoc Prof Dr Rūta Jankūnienė)
  • Creation of High Voltage Radio Pulse Packet Ultrasonic Generator (2014–2015, Prof Dr Linas Svilainis)
  • Creation of Rally Judge Video Information system model (2014–2015, Prof Dr Linas Svilainis)
  • The Creation of LED Fishing Bait Prototype (2014–2015, Prof Dr Svilainis Linas)
  • Feasibility Study for Coordinate System used in the Premises (2014–2015, Prof Dr Linas Svilainis)
  • Fishing Equipment Sustainability Rating Using Finite Element Method (2014, Assoc Prof Dr Gediminas Činčikas)
  • Designing and Testing of Area Lightning LED Luminaire (2014, Prof Dr Dumbrava Vytautas)
  • Technical Feasibility Study for the Establishment of Uniform Application of EU-Alert Service Activation in Smartphones (2014, Assoc Prof Vitas Grimaila)
  • Prototype of Microcontroller Operating in TETRA SMRRS Network (2014, Assoc Prof Dr Vitas Grimaila)
  • Capsular Endoscopy Imaging Technique for Diagnosis of Small Intestine (2014, Irmantas Kupčiūnas)
  • Research of Diesel Fuel Level Measurement Principles and Development of Gauge Model (2014, Prof Dr Vytautas Markevičius)
  • Prototype of Soil Strength and Compressibility Parameters Automated Measuring System (2014, Prof Dr Vytautas Markevičius)
  • Prototype of Wireless Sensor Network Data Collecting and Storing Device (2014, Prof Dr Vytautas Markevičius)
  • Development of Human Biological Age Determination Device Data Management System (2014, Prof Dr Vytautas Markevičius)
  • Rubber from Metal Separating Device (2014, prof. dr. Markevičius Vytautas)
  • Prototype of Remote Control and a Group of Smart Power Outlets System (2014, Prof Dr Žilvinas Nakutis)
  • Chemical Research of Dolomite Chips (2014, doc. dr. Nizevčienė Dalia)
  • Virtual Accountant (2014, Tomas Proscevičius, PhD student)
  • Innovations for Martynas IT Company (2014, Tomas Proscevičius, PhD student)
  • LED Technology in Recreational Fishing (2014, Prof Dr Linas Svilainis)
  • Gathering the Knowledge of the Types of Warehouse and Ongoing Flow of Gas in them, Enabling the Identification of the Optimal Methods of Sampling Points for Testing (2013–2014, Prof Dr Darius Gailius)
  • Analysis of the Opportunities and Measures of Phase Operating Parameters Control in Real-Time (2013–2014, Kęstutis Juočiūnas)
  • WV2 Electronics Testing System (2013, Prof Dr Vytautas Deksnys)
  • Prototype of High-Power LED for Lightning Power Supply (2013, Prof Dr Alvydas Dosinas)
  • Mathematical Modelling and Optimization of Cultivating Conditions for a Surface-Active Micro-Organism (2013, Prof Dr Donatas Levišauskas)
  • Experimental Evaluation of an Automatic Firefighting Forest Fire Monitoring System (2013, Prof Dr Vytautas Markevičius)
  • Development and Research of Ultrasound Non-Destructive Control Robot Controller Electronics Prototype (2013, Prof Dr Linas Svilainis)
  • Flow Controller Design and Testing (2013, Prof Dr Linas Svilainis)
  • Integrated Management Solution for the Provision of Electronic Payment Services (ePaySManager) (2012–2013, Assoc Prof Dr Vygandas Vaitkus)
  • IPTV Prototype of the Receiver, its Hardware and Software Development (2012, Prof Dr Deksnys Vytautas)
  • Studio for Improving the Automated Control System of Biofuel Boiler No 1 of Alytus District Boiler-House of Alytus Branch of Litesko UAB (2012, Dr D. Ezerskis)
  • Development and Investigation of the Power Factor Constant One-Phase Smart Prototype (2012, Kęstutis Juočiūnas)
  • Design and Testing of 3D Laser Scanning Technology Based on Calibration and Metrological Inspection of Containers (2012, Assoc Prof Dr Vytautas Knyva)
  • Development and Testing of Hardware and Software for Wood Protection Equipment (2012, Prof Dr Vytautas Markevičius)
  • Visualisation of the Internal structure of Composites, Using a Combination of Distributed Spectrum Signals with a Distributed Spectrum Processing Method (2012, Prof Dr Linas Svilainis)
  • Positioning Mechanism Design and Dynamics Study for Ultra-Thin Composite Visualisation System (2012, Prof Dr Linas Svilainis)
  • Development of Programmable High Voltage (up to 300V) Power Supply and Analysis of its Parameters and Electromagnetic Interference (2012, Prof Dr Linas Svilainis)
  • Investigation of Electromagnetic Interferences in Ultrasound Systems (2012, Prof Dr Linas Svilainis)
  • Development of an Ultrasonic Impulse Repeater Prototype with a Co-Acting Primary Amplifier (2012, Prof Dr Linas Svilainis)
  • Environmental Impact Analysis and Synthesis of Resistance Methods (2011–2012, Prof Dr Vytautas Markevičius)
  • Helicopter Blade Aerodynamic Balancing Methodology (2011, Prof Habil Dr Stasys Vygantas Augutis)
  • Design and Development of a Power Control Unit for Renewable Energy Sources (solar and wind) (2011, Dr Artūras Baronas)
  • XFC (Especially High-Speed Management Technology) Devices for Connecting Power-Assembling Elements to Designing Nodes (2011, Dr Artūras Baronas)
  • An Elevated Precision of Blood Pressure Measurement of a Miniature aICP Diagnostic Measuring Device Arteria Ophthalmica, an Electronic Subsystem with a Specialised Ultrasound Transducer and Software (2011, Prof Dr Deksnys Vytautas)
  • Adaptive Control System for Multi-Layer Die-Casting (2011, Prof Dr Vytautas Deksnys)
  • High-Speed Real-Time Embedded DSP Electronic Device for Next-Generation Brainstem Self-Adjusting Monitor (2011, Prof Dr Vytautas Deksnys)
  • SKM1M, SKU-01M, SKU-03, SKU4, SKS3 Software Testing of Heat Meters Produced by AB Axis Industries (2011, Assoc Prof Dr Gintaras Dervinis)
  • Investigation of the Ultrasonic Flow Meter Acting on the Measuring Pulse Propagation Time (2011, Prof Dr Vytautas Dumbrava)
  • Evaluation of the Influence of the Components of Smart Layers of Multi-Layer Currents on the Course of the Process (2011, Kęstutis Juočiūnas)
  • Development of Methodology for the Development of Implant Mathematical Design Based on Analytical Methods for Numerical Intelligence and 3D Scanning Data. (2011, Prof Dr Arūnas Lipnickas)
  • Precision Positioning System for Radio Antennas (2011, Prof Dr Vytautas Markevičius)
  • Hardware and Software Ground-Based Probing System equipment (2011, Prof Dr Markevičius Vytautas)
  • Development and Investigation of Algorithms for Human Traffic Calculation Algorithms Using Video Images Collected by Non-Specialised Video Cameras ( 2011, Prof Dr Rimvydas Simutis)
  • Methods for Calculating Non-Parametric Normal Processes in Three-Phase Alternating Current Networks (2011, Assoc Prof Dr Vytautas Šiožinys)
  • Investigation of Pulsed Controllers Induced Electromagnetic Interference Ultrasonic Transmission (2011, Prof Dr Linas Svilainis)
  • Application of New Electronic Technological Solutions in Ultrasound Diagnostic Systems (2011, Prof Dr Linas Svilainis)
  • Preliminary Error Analysis of Ultrasonic Flow Measurement in Order to Determine their Sources and to Evaluate Whether it Can be Used from 10 l / h to 200 l / h for Measuring Average Flow Rate for Passing Fluid (2011, Prof Dr Linas Svilainis)
  • Research and Development of a Prototype of an Ultrasonic Pulse Repeater with an Installed Primary Amplifier (2011, Prof Dr Linas Svilainis)
  • Remote Syringe Infusion Pump Control System (2010–2011, Prof Dr Vytautas Markevičius)
  • Power Supply / Receiver Switch (2010, Assoc Prof Dr Gintaras Dervinis)
  • Expertise on the Law on Public Procurement 73str.1d.3p. 4d Existence of the Specified Facts in the Scope of Additional Design Works in the Scope of Signalling Works Under the Rail Baltica Projects (2010, Assoc Prof Dr Gintaras Dervinis)
  • The Application of the Soil Static Probing System to Collect Data Using a Hydraulic-Mechanical probe (2010, Prof Dr Vytautas Markevičius)
  • Digital Patient Height Meter (2010, Prof Dr Vytautas Markevičius)
  • Reliability Analysis of the Power Plant’s Oil Refinery (2010, Prof Dr A. S. Navickas)
  • Research of Supply Chain Management for Advanced Algorithms (2010, Prof Dr Rimvydas Simutis)
  • Investigation of Algorithms and Methods for Identifying Unlawful Actions Using Image Processing Technologies (2010, Prof Dr Rimvydas Simutis)
  • Semiconductor Light Diodes Speed Test (2010, Prof Dr Linas Svilainis)
  • Investigation of the Temporal and Frequency Properties of Protective Input Terminals of the Ultrasonic Amplifier (2010, Prof Dr Linas Svilainis)
  • Real-Time Sampling of Ultrasonic Signals for Filters (2010, Prof Dr Linas Svilainis)
  • Feasibility Study for Diesel Fuel Flow Registration Technologies (2010, Prof Dr Linas Svilainis)
  • High-Speed Video Quality LEDs for High-Definition Video Displays (2010, Prof Dr Linas Svilainis)
  • New Innovative Measurement Methods and Their Application in Measuring Instrument for Checking Measuring Devices for Heat Metering (2009–2012, Prof Habil Dr Stasys Vygantas Augutis)
  • Compressor Vibration Monitoring System Prototype (2009, Prof Dr Darius Gailius)
  • Remote Monitoring System for Infusion Pumps (2009, Prof Dr Vytautas Markevičius)

Most significant publications


Prof Dr Darius Andriukaitis
Vice-Dean for Research

Phone: (8 37) 30 05 03

Robertas Armonaitis
Head of Technology Transfer Cluster

Phone: +370 (698) 57 989

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