„European Robotics Week“ – Faculty of Electrical and electronics

Important | 2019-11-29

November 14 -24 is published in the “European Robotics Week”, which has been held for the 9th time. Its implementation was supported by the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics of Kaunas University of Technology (KTU EEF) on 21-22 November, organizing seminars for the academic community and tours to the laboratories – for schoolchildren. The goal of the week is to draw the public’s attention to how robotics technology influences our lives, both at work and in everyday life.

The European Robotics Week for the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics has started seminars on business representatives. According to the asoc. prof., Virginijus Baranauskas, “It was decided to invite companies because it is always more interesting for students to hear about real examples of what requirements or challenges the company faces. Since the companies have brought in and live examples, it is always more interesting for students to see what can actually be seen. The representatives of the companies not only shared their experience on various topics and demonstrated certain facilities. However, not all companies shared and told about their projects that have already been implemented. The benefits of these lectures are not only for students but also for teachers: students have established an acquaintance with the workshops, lecturers have heard new examples of what they might be able to incorporate into the material they teach or to establish cooperation with businesses.

The second day, the pupils of the main classes were acquainted with the laboratories of KTU EEF. Became aware of the possibilities of robot use in the household and industry, had the opportunity to see and test the robots contained in the lab, and also learned what the Cobot could have seen in the laboratories.

According to V. Baranauskas, this week in university can grow into even bigger events. „ European Robotics Week“events is increasing every year. Companies do not stand still, there is always something new, so they can provide not only theoretical knowledge is the opportunity to organize and practical activities. We hope that the “European Robotics Week” will return to KTU EEF and next year.