KTU international students’ ambitions – to work in aviation and leadership positions

Community | 2024-05-14

Most people can no longer imagine everyday life without communicating by email, searching for information, or ordering goods online. Safiyya Baba-zada, a Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) student, says that digitalisation is changing people’s lives by making them simpler, and companies’ operations by increasing business efficiency and improving customer experiences.

“Digitalisation is fundamentally changing the face of companies – the processes are becoming faster and this increases their market potential,” says Safiya Baba-zada, KTU Business Digitalization Management student from Azerbaijan.

In 2024 alone, the Lithuanian Ministry of Economy and Innovation has decided to fund more than 500 projects related to e-commerce. The digitalisation of business is not limited to e-commerce but extends to other areas as well.

KTU student from Azerbaijan
Safiyya Baba-zada from Azerbaijan, studies Business Digitalization Management with a scholarship from KTU

These include robotics, the deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) tools to perform business tasks or digital customer service. Given the changes in the market and the accelerating business digitalisation, there is a growing demand for professionals with digitalisation experience, including engineering professionals.

“The need for professionals with knowledge of digitisation and automation processes, not only in business but also in engineering, will continue to grow. After all, engineers are the first people to start implementing digitisation strategies,” notes Yasser Chibel, a KTU student from Morocco.

His favourite study fields are automation and robotics, which are very influential in changing the operations and processes in industries.

“Both automation and robotics can make tasks formulated by employees simpler, and those can be done by simply maintaining the machines,” says Yasser, who is studying Electronics and Electrical Engineering at the Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEF).

Education in Lithuania opens vast career opportunities

KTU student from Morocco
Yasser Chibel from Morocco

According to KTU students, their degrees will offer a wide range of professional opportunities internationally. They are convinced that their studies will equip them with competencies that can be used in many business and industry sectors.

“With an international education, there are more opportunities in the global job market. After studying electronics and electrical engineering, students can easily find jobs in automation, robotics, and renewable energy,” says Yasser, who dreams of working in aviation.

Business digitalisation professionals need strategic planning skills to get a foothold in the job market. As Safiyya argues, without strategic planning, digitalisation will not succeed. “Before embarking on the digitisation of businesses, it is first necessary to develop a strategy that aligns with the organisation’s objectives, with a roadmap of where the company needs to go,” says Baba-zada.

Yasser and Safiyya, experts in digitisation and automation believe they have great careers ahead. “Given the global job market trends, education in Lithuania, especially in English, offers great opportunities, as there is a shortage of these specialists, especially in Europe and the US,” says Chibel.

Safiyya sees herself working in a leadership position and dreams of combining her knowledge of digitalisation with that of strategic planning.

She would like to manage projects related to business transformation, making processes more innovative and creating value for businesses and stakeholders.

“The key qualities needed for this role are creativity to develop interesting solutions, analytical thinking to optimise strategies and communication to build relationships. Of course, you need to be able to adapt, as this helps to survive in a dynamically changing digital world,” says Safiyya, who is studying at KTU with a scholarship.

KTU Admissions 2024
Safiyya, one of the faces of KTU admissions campaign 2024/25

Sports train the qualities needed for a career

Yasser, a KTU student from Morocco says that challenges should be embraced as opportunities for growth. “What motivates me the most is the desire to achieve more and to change the established systems by sincerely doing my job. I want to keep learning and growing, both as a person and as a professional in my field,” he says.

KTU student from Morocco
Yasser Chibel, one of the faces of KTU Admissions campaign in 2024/25

In his free time, Chibel enjoys playing football, chess, and table tennis; he likes swimming, weightlifting or billiards. According to the KTU student, these sports help to develop strategic thinking, concentration, patience, and precision.

“These qualities are useful for a career because they improve problem-solving and decision-making abilities and encourage you to keep your attention on a task for as long as possible,” believes Yasser.

When it comes to sports, Yasser enjoys team play, where he can work together with other teammates to achieve a goal. Also, physical activity and a sense of competition encourage him to improve. “I have been doing a lot of sports for several years. Each sport provides a good balance between mental and physical activity,” he believes.

Cooking traditional dishes is a perfect way to get to know the country

To broaden her horizons and learn more about different cultures and traditions, Safiyya spends a lot of time in the kitchen making dishes from other cuisines around the world. In this way, she familiarises herself with different countries, even those she has never been to.

“My favourite cuisine is the Mediterranean, which combines the intensity of flavours from fresh and seasonal products. I cook Mediterranean dishes both alone and with friends because the communal aspect of cooking and sharing makes cooking even more interesting,” she notes.

After arriving in Lithuania, the KTU student soon got acquainted with Lithuanian cuisine.

“Lithuanian cuisine offers delicious dishes, and the most popular here is food made from fresh products prepared by farmers. Some of the most memorable dishes are cepelinai, dumplings with potatoes, meat, or cheese, served with sour cream or pork ham. I haven’t made them myself yet, but one day I will try them,” says Baba-zada.

Her native Azerbaijani cuisine is full of dishes from other regions; Safiyya’s favourite dish is dolma – grape leaves stuffed with a savoury filling of rice, meat, and spices. “Compared to Lithuanian cuisine, Azerbaijani cuisine tends to use more spices and herbs. On the other hand, there are similarities, as both emphasize the use of fresh produce,” she smiles.

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