FabLab Kaunas – laboratory with high technologies and innovative equipment

Important | 2017-07-04

During the „Innovation week 2016“ Kaunas University of Technology organized a discussion with Marius Skarupskas Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania about „Start ups in Lithuania and its global tendencies“.

For the first time in Lithuania Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania and partners organized event cycle  – „Innovation week 2016“. In six days organizers were planing to make more than 50 free events in the biggest Lithuanian cities. The main aim of the events is to introduce technologies and innovations for Lithuanian society.

One of the events was organized in KTU, where Marius Skarupskas Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania was discussing about lithuanian Start ups opportunities in global market. The event had an international guest from Italy – Lorenzo Piazzi head of Design Library Milano.

After discussion all the guests were invited to visit FabLab Kaunas laboratories complex which is opened in KTU Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. FabLab Kaunas is a laboratories complex of electronics for University community. FabLab Kaunas gives an opportunity to have a look at the process of electronics industry, implement their ideas and projects in to the real industrial prototypes. L. Piazzi mentioned, that FabLab Kaunas is incomparable for him, as it was a first time, when he visited such high technology laboratories complex. Visitor affirmed if Design Library Milano had that kind of equipment, enthusiasts would wait for it in a long line to have an opportunity to work with it.