KTU FEEE contribution to the project “MAGRINET”

Important | 2020-04-14

Lecturers of KTU Faculty of Electricity and Electronics Engineering (KTU FEEE) share their long-term experience by participating in the “Horizon 2020” project “MAGRINET”. “Horizon 2020” is the largest-ever EU program for research and innovation, contributing to new breakthroughs, discoveries, and world-class innovation.

During the MAGRINET project, KTU FEEE lecturers, together with partners from other EU universities, have already developed study modules for smart grid technologies, which are taught this year in universities in Germany, France, Estonia, Slovenia and Lithuania.

On January 17, 2020, the first prof. A. Verikas “Digital Intelligence” research group courses. Lectures were given by Sascha Mueller and Olga Kyselova, lecturers at the Technical University of Dresden, Germany, and were interviewed by postgraduates who chose theModular Systems Modeling” module. The topics of the lectures are “Consumer and consumption insights and Demand management, load forecasting, power forecasting”. The feedback from all students and the assessments of the knowledge gained was excellent. Lectures by KTU FEEE lecturers for students of the Technical University of Dresden are planned in the near future.