KTU student from Ecuador started a racing team in Lithuania

Important | 2024-04-17

Every year, Formula Student East, organised by the Association of Automotive Engineers, takes place in Europe. This competition serves as a platform for engineering students to deepen their expertise. Inspired by this prestigious event, Martin Gomez, an Ecuadorian student studying Intelligent Robotics Systems at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) founded Formula Student Lithuania – a dynamic racing team qualified to compete in the race. Recently, it gained formal recognition as an official KTU student organisation.

The team’s primary objective is to facilitate the development and mastery of engineering skills among students.

“The idea to start a racing team emerged a year ago after I participated in the Formula Student EAST in Hungary – a global competition where universities assemble teams to construct fully functional Formula Student cars,” says Martin.

The event connects various disciplines including economics, business social dynamics, product development, and engineering.

KTU student from Ecuador
Martin Gomez, KTU Intelligent Robotics Systems student from Ecuador

“My primary motivation to start our team stems from its versatility and multidisciplinary nature, enabling me to get insights from diverse fields,” Martin says with a smile, “moreover, I’ve acquired valuable leadership, organisational and management skills.”

The active student from Ecuador also organises a simulation competition for students in Kaunas aimed at developing autonomous driving systems.

“By organising the event, I gain more knowledge of various aspects important for professional drivers and engineers. This competition integrates various disciplines such as economics, the social dynamics of the industry, product development, and the comprehensive engineering aspects,” says Martin.

Constant learning is connected to personal growth

At KTU, Martin pursues studies in Intelligent Robotics Systems, engages in 3D projects, indulges his artistic side through drawing, and finds solace in music by playing the piano and guitar. Additionally, he enjoys board games and participates in simulation races.

During his time in Kaunas, Gomez’s life has undergone significant changes, particularly in his choice of study programme. Initially opting for Mechatronics, he soon realised his preference for automation of processes using artificial intelligence solutions.

Intelligent Robotcs Systems
Martin Gomez, KTU bachelor's student of robotics is one of the faces of this year's KTU admissions campaign

KTU student from Ecuador emphasises the importance of embracing mistakes in the learning process and being open to redirecting one’s path if necessary. While talking about changing his studies to Intelligent Robotic Systems, Gomez highlights the dynamic nature of the field. He notes the rapid evolution of technologies necessitating constant adaptation and relearning of concepts to stay ahead of advancements and effectively apply them in changing scenarios.

Makes 3D-printed parts for household appliances

KTU robotics student from Ecuador was involved in various professionally stimulating activities from his young years. In 2019, while still living in Ecuador, Gomez started exploring 3D printing by acquiring his first printer. Since then, he has developed various projects, ranging from crafting simple objects such as plant pots to manufacturing replacement parts for household appliances.

According to Gomez, mastering the use of a 3D printer has complemented his university education, endowing him with the ability to meticulously assess projects from mechanical and structural perspectives to intelligent production management systems.

His engagement with 3D printing seamlessly intertwines with his passion for design. When conceptualising an object, Gomez carefully considers its intended qualities—whether they lean towards aesthetics or functionality.

“Upon determining the primary purpose of the object, I begin by sketching it on paper before transitioning to digital modelling. During over five years of design experience, I’ve come to appreciate every detail – it’s truly the highlight of the process,” says Martin.

Coping strategy – believing in the process and playing board games

With a myriad of interests and the demands of university studies, Gomez has honed the art of balancing his commitments: “Mastering time management has been one of the most crucial and challenging skills I’ve acquired. My advice to others is to cultivate personal habits that align with their goals.”

He acknowledges that progress takes time, likening it to the proverbial construction of Rome: “Every endeavour we undertake is a journey that must be savoured. There are highs and lows, but believing in the process keeps me motivated, knowing that every setback is just a part of life’s journey. After all, none of us are perfect; we’re only human.”

Finding joy in the process, a KTU robotics student from Ecuador draws inspiration from playing board games, with Monopoly ranking among his favourites.

“Board games can simulate real-life decision-making. Even with a solid strategy, outcomes may not always align with our expectations,” says Martin.

For him, board games serve as a microcosm of life, emphasising the importance of fair play, respect, positive thinking, and giving one’s best effort. Martin believes that the lessons we learn from board games are useful far beyond; they shape our approach to life itself.

Kaunas – an example of a positive city

Initially unfamiliar with Kaunas, Lithuania, a KTU robotics student from Ecuador was introduced to the small yet vibrant student city by a friend.

Intrigued, Martin started to explore Kaunas, noting its superior educational standards, cutting-edge technology, and diverse outdoor recreational offerings.

Having resided here for four years now, Martin has developed a profound affection for Kaunas’ iconic locales – the bustling Laisvės Avenue, the historic Old Town, Kauno Marios (Kaunas reservoir), and the recently discovered gem, the Jiesios atodanga (the outcrop by the Jiesia river).

KTU student of Ecuador
Martin enjoys living in Kaunas

“Upon arriving in Kaunas, I was immediately captivated by its natural beauty,” Martin remembers with a smile, “one of the most memorable experiences for me was witnessing the mesmerising sight of the sunset over Santaka during the summer.”

The most shocking difference between his home and study country is the weather. It took time to get used to the freezing winters and hot summers.

“The abrupt shift to cold, with short winter days and long hours of studying and working in the dark evenings after early sunsets, took me by surprise. However, as the weather warms up, hot days beckon for lakeside retreats, music-filled gatherings, and barbecue sessions with friends,” says Gomez.

KTU robotics student enjoys Kaunas’ rich cultural life – museums, art galleries, concerts, karaoke nights. He believes that Kaunas residents may seem more reserved at the beginning. However, after one gets to know them, people usually open up.

“I would like to know the local community better during my extended stay in Kaunas, and I am confident that I will further develop my skills and gain invaluable professional experience here. However, eventually, I may decide to travel to another country in search of fresh perspectives,” says Martin.

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