KTU has opened state-of-the-art Auto Diagnostics Lab unique in Lithuania

Important | 2019-03-01

At the end of February, Auto Diagnostics Lab equipped with contemporary diagnostics tools was opened in Kaunas University of Technology Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The Lab was established together with Baltic Diagnostic Service company.

In the lab, the students will be able to get hands-on experience working with the most advanced professional tools for performing car computer diagnostics. The founders believe that the new contemporary lab will allow improving the process of training transport computer diagnostic specialists. The students will be able not only to implement their theoretical knowledge in practice but also to work with the equipment, which is used in most automobile repair shops. Among the equipment, which will be available for professional diagnostics of car electronics and mechanisms are oscilloscopes, programming software for engines and power increasing devices.

“Nowadays, students are very interactive and very much willing to get hands-on experience while studying. That’s why we decided to improve our study process by providing the opportunity to gain practical skills. Students, even the ones who don’t have the computer diagnostics subject in their study programme, were interested in the Lab months before its opening”, says Mindaugas Žilys, Head of Administration of the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

According to him, good professionals in the field of car repair and maintenance are in high demand in the job market. As Lithuanian transport pool is becoming newer, and car producers are improving their products by implementing current technologies, the universities have to provide conditions for their students to obtain the newest knowledge and practical competencies.

“We are very happy to have been able to contribute to the establishment of the Lab and to be part of this project. We will aim to provide the conditions for the newest knowledge and hands-on experience not only by providing state-of-the-art equipment but also by inviting the international professionals – practitioners who will share their knowledge and experience with the students”, says Mantas Jasiulevičius, Director of Baltic Diagnostic Service.