Question of the Day: Why the KTU faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering?

Important | 2015-10-02

Below are the thoughts of our Telecommunications programme graduate. Who knows, maybe his thoughts will encourage you to take the first step towards a career in Telecommunications…

“It may sound like a bit of a stretch, but I do believe that the newly formed faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, housing all of the engineering programmes under one roof, is gradually becoming a tiny equivalent of the Silicon Valley for students. Taken into account the fact that KTU is increasingly well connected with local and global businesses, in the nearest future I expect to see even more positive changes and innovation-driven initiatives. In other words, KTU has all that it takes to prove to the world that Lithuania is an excellent country for developing the newest technologies and digital innovations. However, one must keep in mind that the university, on its own, cannot achieve much, as the driving force behind every successful educational institution are its active, inquisitive and ambitious students,” shares a recent EEF graduate.