Student experiences. Electrical engineering

Community | 2022-06-27

Today we are ready to share the impressions of Karolis, a student of Electrical engineering. Frankly, he is in the second year of his programme, but regardless, he agreed to talk us through his experiences of the university life. When we asked him why he chose the study programme of Electrical engineering, Karolis didn’t hesitate to answer: “back in school, when we started learning about electricity at physics lessons, I knew it was the subject I wanted to know more about.” Second-year student chose this programme because he hoped to broaden his knowledge of engineering and he’s pleased with his choice: “if I had a chance to change something, I wouldn’t do one thing in a different way – I’d still choose the same programme.” When asked to tell us what’s happening behind the curtains of Electrical engineering, Karolis firstly mentioned “interesting laboratory assignments that put complicated theoretical facts into easily understandable processes”, he also was glad about charismatic professors and shared his impressions from the lectures: “even now I recall very clearly the first assignment in a laboratory, during which we had to take out an asynchronous motor and then to assemble it again by connecting the wires correctly. It was very interesting as we got to do everything on our own.” He also named, in his opinion, the single downside of the programme: “there could be more trips to various power plants and companies.” When asked to send a message to all the future students, Karolis pointed out that learning in school and university differs: “in university one has to not only know the plain facts but also be able to understand it, explain it and apply one’s knowledge in practise” and encouraged those thinking about entering university: “apply only for those programmes that you are really interested to – it will lighten the load and you won’t have to learn about thing you have no wish to know about. For those who are afraid they might change their minds after entering one particular programme – it’s fine, during the first university year you can easily change your choice. And most importantly, before choosing a study programme make sure to do the research: YouTube and Google, besides the other platforms, can help you find loads of information. If you wish to know certain details from a person who has been in touch with them, you can always contact the student association of the faculty of electricity and electronics – ESA, they will happily provide answers to all the questions that may arise to you.”