The Campaign “Future for Electronics” has officially started

Important | 2022-04-08

31st of March is the day when the campaign “Future for Electronics” has officially started. The purpose of the campaign is to help young people discover promising specialties in the field of electronics engineering.

Electronics production companies that are located in Kaunas “Continental Automotive Lithuania”, “Hella Lithuania”, “Kitron”, “Littlefuse LT” and “Teltonika Networks” as well as two high schools “Kaunas University of Technology” and “Kaunas University of Applied Engineering Sciences” have initiated the campaign which is continued for the second year in a row.

In the first year, the campaign has achieved impressive results – the number of students entering electronics engineering studies in Kaunas has increased by about 40 percent. It is expected to double the number of students entering electronics engineering studies during the two years of the campaign – especially as the field of electronics engineering is currently identified as one of the most demanded and promising specialties in Kaunas region. This is the profession that guarantees a good career, ensures an increasing salary every year and creates high added value for the state.