Freshmen experiences. Intelligent Robotics Systems

Community | 2022-06-06

As the academic year is coming to an end, many of us are keen to find out how are the first-year students feeling after encountering an unfamiliar world of the university in the autumn. We interviewed a couple of freshmen of the KTU Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and now we are ready to share their impressions!

The first one to share his experience was Tomas, a student of Intelligent Robotics Systems. He admitted that besides this study programme, he had also considered studying Electronic Engineering, but he chose to follow his friend’s advice to apply for Intelligent Robotics Systems study programme and now he couldn’t be happier about it: “this is the best place I could have chosen”. When asked what the benefits of his study programme are, Tomas emphasised the abundance of practical classes and the well-equipped laboratories which are available for students to use if they agree on it with the lecturers beforehand. Tomas also confirmed the rumour that is hovering among all the graduates at schools: “at the university work is more individual, you have to do extra reading outside the lectures”, also reassuring those considering entering the programme by mentioning that there was not a lot of competition in the admission process: “it’s simply important to pass the final exams”. Asked to recall the most interesting moment, the freshman smiled as he told us about his first project in the introductory module, in which students were allowed to choose the work they wanted to do themselves: “we decided to build a machine that could automatically draw, or laser engrave”. Finally, Tomas advised the future students to always remember to go home to visit their parents and relying on his first-year experience encouraged them not to skip maths lectures.