Internship in Spain: experience of PhD students

Important | 2017-07-13

At the end of spring semester 4 PhD students of Electrical and Electronics Engineering field (Andrius Laučka, Justinas Barakauskas, Vytautas Pockevičius, Daiva Nemeikšytė) had an internship at University of Migel Hernandez (UMH). PhD students had a module of Electronics Design for Reliability and after that shared an experience with Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) faculty of electronics and electric engineering community.

Reliability systems are applied in various engineering fields. There are no exceptions to the electronic reliability system, the design methods used to ensure the functioning of systems without normal malfunctioning. It is important to manage system failures over the relevant period and to calculate the costs of availability, maintenance, replacement and warranty period.

Since the UMH and KTU scientists group have carried out researches in related fields, PhD students of KTU went to UMH to get more knowledge about the design of electronic reliability systems. The aim of the module was to introduce various methods of designing reliability of electronics, analyzing practical examples. PhD students also identified the applicability of these methods in electronics engineering projects, gaining knowledge of tolerances in design, worst-case assessment, the impact of deterioration on reliability, rejected and reliable assumptions, and standards such as MIL-HDBK-217 and IEC62380. Students had the opportunity to acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge at UMH Industrial Electronics Science Group.

A cooperation agreement signed with UMK gives the possibility of simultaneously obtaining the degree of both Lithuanian and Spanish universities and also to take an internship there.