PhD Studies: your next study journey right round the corner

Important | 2019-02-18

This Thursday, 21 February the open seminar on PhD studies takes place. The excitement of discovering new things, becoming an expert in an area, enjoying academic environment, and various opportunities to undertake research in KTU partner universities across the globe are just a few possibilities available for a PhD student.

During the seminar you will be able to find out about the research areas and doctoral programmes, scholarship, mobility and funding, and other subjects relevant for every PhD or prospective doctoral student.

“PhD studies is a dynamic road full of discoveries. I am motivated not only by the possibilities to gain experience in the best institutions across the globe, or to work with international teams of professionals but also by the feeling that I am contributing to creating wellbeing of society”, says management PhD student Neringa Gerulaitienė, who has been awarded KTU incentive scholarship.

She is convinced that there are more than enough possibilities for scholarships and funding, but the students have to be active themselves and to participate in national, international and university competitions. Neringa is emphasising the role of the PhD supervisor, who not only leads and provides advice throughout 4 study years but can also invite a doctoral student to work together in a research project, related to the topic of dissertation.

If you are good enough to secure state funding for your PhD studies, consider yourself very lucky – from 2019 state scholarship increased by 83%. In comparison with 2018, the first year students will get 722 EUR a month in their first year, and 836 EUR – in their second–fourth year. Lithuanian State allocates 8.2 million EUR additionally for that purpose.

During the open seminar on PhD studies, the students, researchers and administrative staff will introduce the research areas and doctoral programmes, scholarships and funding opportunities.

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