SVIC: Best Global Innovation for KTU Students

Important | 2017-07-13

International team of 7 Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) students and 3 students of San Jose State University won the award at SVIC “Best Global Innovation“.

The idea of non-invasice glucose meter – GlucoCarer was awarded as innovative, responsive and adaptable by the commission made of representatives of Silicon Valley companies. GlucoCarer is a device which can be used to measure glusoce levels in a non-invasive way.

“A conceptual product would help to solve the problem of people with diabetes. At first they will avoid a measure of individual repeated measurements of glucose in the blood, without fingers pointing from 6 to 12. What it causes inconvenience, pain, and eventually – and fatigue insensitivity, “- R. Jucevičienė has no doubt about the advantages of contactless meter.

150 contestants, but only 50 reached the final. After a long competition GlucoCarer team won the highest award and from evaluation board they got a lot of advice on how to refine the idea, to develop a business model and so on. At the final GlucoCarer team was invited to present the idea at the Elevator Pitch event.

KTU team is made of 4 biomedical electronics students from the faculty of electrical and electronics engineering (Šarūnas Demjanovas, Paulius Eglinskas, Rolandas Jakaitis, Eividas Kavolėlis) who in the project are responsible for a device engineering side and two other students from the school of economics and business Viktorija Laimaitė, Audrius Navickas and pupil from gymnasium of Antanas Smetona who are developing a business model.